Brazil vs United States Confederations Cup Final All Goals – Brazil vs United States (3-0) – Confederations Cup

All Goals – Brazil vs USA – Confederations Cup Final


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Koreans fool playing in 2002 world cup

This video show koreans fool playing in 2002 world cup. This is not football. lok like these people dont have sporting spirt, like Australia in Cricket. This is dirty football.

Ugly soccer by Koreans

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Koreans in 2002 world cup

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The Marmot’s Hole is a nice website. It syndicates over 200 blogs. Most of the are writen by Koreans. The  Marmot’s Hole is not only Korean, there are blogs from some other countries like mongolia, China, Japan.
Mr. Koehler is running this site since 2003. He is living in Korea since 1997.

Soccer Blogs is a blog aggregator that syndicates over 1000 soccer blogs. This website syndicates blog posts from soccer focused blogs. Once an hour they update blog feeds, both RSS and Atom and provide summaries of new blog posts.

El-Hadji Diouf

Pictures and videos of El-Hadji Diouf when playing for Bolton Wanderers.

Indian qualified for AFC Asian Cup

Indian team qualified for AFC Asian Cup, that is awesome. Tourament is still almost 3 years away, so that’ll give the team plenty of time to get even better.